About Macro Properties

We aim to be the first choice for apartments, motels, office, and retail spaces in communities across Canada. We value building strong relationships with our tenants and guests and strive to offer exceptional and timely service. Our professional team is experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about the work we do.


We are a national industry leader providing quality residential living in well-managed, attractive apartments and townhouses.


Our office and retail portfolios offer diversified and distinctive spaces located in the heart of bustling cities and unique communities.

Short Term Stays

Our motels and fully furnished apartments are located in oil, gas and mining towns and offers competitive, comfortable and clean accommodation.

Business Centre

Our modern furnished offices, boardrooms and unique co-working space for our office and virtual tenants are perfect for the up and coming entrepreneur and for the busy professional.

What People Are Saying

Samir, Prince Albert

Princeton Apartments

"I currently reside in one of the macro buildings and absolutely love my place ! The area is great, other tenants are quiet and respectful. I find one of great place in Prince Albert to live with family. The application set up process was so easy and wonderful. Manager Blair and Lindsey both are very helpful nature. Whenever, I asked for any minor help, they always there to help me"

Sunny, North Battleford Apartments

"Very professional front staff,.willing to go extra steps and help .I will highly recommend to anyone rent from them .Thanks for every help during my stay"

H Singh, North Battleford Apartments

The staff here is friendly.

Kayla, Prince Albert

Hyland Apartments

"I currently reside in one of the macro buildings and absolutely love my place ! The area is great, other tenants are quiet and respectful. The application and appointment set up process was so easy and wonderful, Linsey was very helpful and nice. Met with the owner for my viewing and by the time I was done I had keys to my new place ! I’d highly recommend renting with Macro Properties"

Fifth Business, Prince Albert Apartments

Best landlord in town, and probably ever. Buildings are well managed and taken care of. Generally good neighbours.

Jesse Kendall

Princeton Apartments

Been living in one of Macro's apartments for several months now. The staff is friendly and maintenance always comes to fix problems right away.

Kevin P

I've been renting from Macro Properties for almost 6 years. Very well maintained and clean. Affordable and very reasonable rental rates. I have zero complaints! I would definitely recommend renting with Macro Properties

Prince Albert Apartments Tenant

Pet friendly place. Safe secure. Close to everything. Bus service right outside the building

Adam Hickey, Esterhazy

My friend and I were in town for work and we rented an apartment at 500 Arcola St for the summer of 2018. The apartment was large, close to the local potash mines and downtown Esterhazy, had in-building laundry and parking spots. The walls were concrete and blocked sound transmission from other suites pretty well. The property manager was easy to get along with. My roommate and I had a good time staying there - it was nice to have a good place to stay during mine shutdown where we could cook food rather than eating out all the time. Update: Rented a 1 bedroom furnished apartment in March-April of 2020 for a short term of work at K3. Everything necessary to live was provided with the apartment, and it was very nice staying there. I've really enjoyed renting from Macro Properties. I'm very thankful to have a quiet and safe place to retreat to after a long day's work at the mine, where I can cook any meal I want, spend some time relaxing on the couch and fall asleep in a comfortable bed - in a space that's all mine. Hearing coworker stories of loud renters next to them, bugs, landlord trouble, I was very glad I had none of that fuss to deal with. If I get sent to Esterhazy again in future for work, I'll definitely see if they have units available - I'd stay here again easily

Arnel, North Battleford

"Good service and clean apartment. When you need help to fix something in your apartment, the maintenace guys came in an instant"

Chris, Prince Albert

Tudor Manor

"The apartment has lots of updates, building is clean and well maintained,, good security and the grounds are well kept. The staff are wonderful and always easy to reach if I have a question or request. The tenants make the place a nice place to live. My cats like to view too"


Le Grande Apartments

I have been living here for the last 5years, and it feels like home, love the security doors and the cameras and being so close to the grocery store is a bonus. Plus the rent is really affordable

Angel, Grande Cache

I am glad to be renting from Macro Properties knowing that everything is tended to in such an incredible way!

Tung Le Thanh, North Battleford Apartments

Best Service. Thanks

Resdel, North Battleford

College View

"Very responsive and professional staff. A good place to reside"

Mahesh Gautam, Prince Rupert

Awesome moving experience. Moving in process was so easy and I have felt so welcomed! Nice clean complex. Great Neighbors, clean apartment. Beautiful area. Macro Properties was definitely worth the move.  

Claude, Prince Rupert

Bayview Suites

Saying that I love this home and your above and beyond welcoming professionalism would be understatement. I have been blessed indeed. Given fact that we had to do everything ( very much) online due to current pandemic and related guidelines and protocols, and the fact that I was coming in from outta town, the process was soooooo smooth, friendly, and professional. From the first contact online, unit viewing, payment process, details on does and don'ts can't be clearer, so, it's fantastic. The unit itself is spotless, furniture, equipment, utensils, etc.......top notch service. So, thank you so much for the smooth transition, easy transaction, and clean/spotless housing indeed.

Ina & Wally, North Battleford

Thank you for doing everything so quickly and efficiently - we really appreciate it.

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