At Macro Properties, we aim to be your first choice for apartment rentals. We have apartments and townhouses in Esterhazy, Kerrobert, North Battleford and Prince Albert, SK. We also offer rentals in Grande Cache, AB; Prince Rupert, BC; Sussex Corner and Saint John, NB and Toronto, ON.

Once you've secured your rental apartment the next step will be to set up your tenant insurance. We have made it quick and easy for you by teaming up with the residential tenant insurance company ZipSure to offer our tenants of rentals a great rate.

Why You Need Tenant Insurance

Tenant insurance is mandatory under the terms of your lease with Macro Properties, plus it's best to be covered in order to feel secure that your home and its contents are protected. Tenant insurance covers all unforeseen costs as a result of an emergency (e.g. break-in, fire, flood, etc.). If you do not have tenant insurance you are entirely responsible for the following:

  • The replacement of your contents
  • Paying temporary housing costs
  • Any damages you cause to your building
  • If someone sues you for an injury

A good tenant insurance policy, such as the one ZipSure offers, will help cover these costs/expenses based on your coverage.

How To Get Tenant Insurance

Getting tenant insurance has never been easier! ZipSure is easy to use and offers the most affordable tenant insurance on the market - starting at just $12 a month. You can purchase your tenant insurance in less than 5 minutes on your computer, tablet or smartphone by going to and searching for your building under Get A Quote. We have set it up in advance for your convenience. Then use online banking as a monthly payment method to secure your policy.

You can use ZipSure for your tenant insurance or you can choose another insurance provider of your choice, as there are many other insurers. Yes, getting tenant insurance is mandatory under the terms of your lease with Macro Properties but it's easy to do and offers peace of mind for you and your family!

Macro Properties is a national industry leader providing quality residential living in well-managed, attractive rental apartments and townhouses. Check under residential on our Macro Properties website for more information on rental properties and apartments for rent in your area.